What Does our Data Cabinet Tidy Consist of?


In offices and events in large cities, it’s usually common to find storage of data cabinets that house complex networks.

The main purpose of a data cabinet tidy is exactly that, to tidy up data cables and keep the office and event organised.

There is no blanket procedure for a technician to come in and tidy-up a cabinet.

The tidy-up process will be different for each company depending on your business needs, budgets and the deadline for the work to be completed. Office refurbishment checklist.

On-site surveys are conducted beforehand to assess the cabinet, report the findings and provide solutions to fix any problems found during the consultation.

Lowe the Risk of Network Data Downtime

The cables will be reorganised in order to lower the risk of downtime and raise the performance of your network. Bundles of cables can be placed in trays to keep them together and to stop them from trailing.

Cables that are longer than necessary can be replaced with smaller ones to ensure people don’t trip on them.

Finding your way around the different cables will be made easier by inserting colour coded cables so you know what part of the system the cable relates to.

This is also achieved by labelling both the cables and the ports which the cables are inserted into.

A data cabinet tidy lets you know what cable connects to where and for what purpose it is connected.

If you need to add more cables to match the growth of your company and expand the network, extra frames can be added in and tidied up in the same way before they cause any problems.