Planning Your Event Step by Step

There are plenty of things to organise when holding an event.

You can use our list below to make sure you have everything covered!


Event Planner

If your event will be quite large you may want to consider hiring a specialist event planner. The event planner will be very experienced in running events so you can be sure that everything will go smoothly. Hiring an event planner will allow you to relax and enjoy your event knowing that everything is taken care of!

Designing Your Event

There are all sorts of different events, have a look at our list for some inspiration. Having a themed event such as fancy dress will make it more unique and exciting.


Once you know what kind of event you’re holding and how many people you are expecting you need to secure a venue. This could be a hotel, an outside area, town hall, pub or club.


All events will have catering of some kind. There is such a wide range of food and drink available you need to decide what will be most suitable for your event. If you plan to serve alcohol you will need to check that your venue has a licence. You can find out about hiring staff for your event here.


Advertising is essential to make your event a success. There are plenty of ways to get your event out there. Why not try outdoor advertising? We’ve found that outdoor advertising reaches maximum numbers of people, for example advertising on the side of a bus. We have had great feedback from events in Leeds using Exterion Media for their outdoor advertising strategies.


Do you need any advice about planning your event? Send us a message we’re always happy to help!

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