Event 101: Add a theme & let the fun begin

Setting a theme for your event is a brilliant way to tailor your corporate party making it fun, exciting and memorable. BC Project Events will take you into a world of endless possibilities. We find companies that provide actors, costumes, props, locations, sets, state of the art SFX, scripts … everything you could possibly need to make your corporate party pulsate. See: event marketing.

We also advise you on the best types of entertainment that you could have at your event, whilst still maintaining professionalism and getting across a specific message to your attendees. Suitable events.

The biggest and best firework shopBuy your fireworks online

Fireworks are a great way to end an evening as they can light up the sky with such effect. It is also an amazing way of getting everybody to relax slightly and enjoy what’s going on in front of them, rather than worrying about business.

See: Fireworks – The Law.

Whatever type of fireworks you choose, they are sure to be magnificent, entertaining and joyful for all to enjoy. Choose from rockets, barrages, fountains and Catherine wheels.

Planning your event

Let our imagination run riot and well give you something truly memorable. Seriously, there is no limit to what we can help to achieve.

Event planning throughout the UK

Services include: