Struggling to find the right event type for you? Choose from our list

Charity fundraising events

Whether your charity fund raising event is a dinner, gala ball, garden party or another outdoor event, the key objectives must be clear. Your guests must enjoy themselves and at the same time feel generous in supporting the cost of attendance.

A successful event means that the next event is easier to promote and at times when there are too many competing events, it is vital to maintain this success factor – maintaining and enhancing is where fanfare3000 come in and we work with individuals and committees to help with both the planning and management of these occasions.

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Cales and retail promotions

Retailers and shopping centres must attract buyers and bargain prices alone are not enough to generate footfall! The public have plenty of choice and it is important to create a “feel good” atmosphere and the use of entertainers and live music will help to generate this.

If you have an idea for a promotional or seasonal theme, we can help you bring it to life with an understanding that costs must represent goodwill and PR value.

Do you need event catering?

One Pot Catering is leading event catering company based in Sydney. This highly experienced team are able to design and create a menu for any corporate event. They understand that choosing the right menu is vital for a successful event.

If you are after catering for your corporate event, visit this website.

Drinks and canapé receptions

Whether you require a 30 minute reception prior to a dinner or a two hour reception before a wedding breakfast, we can help you create the right ambience. Classical or jazz music? Or perhaps something more unusual? We can organise entertainment acts to help break the ice and to help the conversation flow during the reception. Click here for ideas.

It is also nice to be met with a smiling face or an amusing routine and to know that you have arrived for a special occasion. Choosing entertainment for your reception can be a challenge. With an extensive database of tried and trusted entertainment acts, the team can help you.